Free Online Training

Free Online Training about Following Capacities

Financial Accounting Process about Manufacturing Concern, Accounting Softwares like Peachtree, QuickBooks & Tally, Networking, and Web Designing, English Grammar & Ms Office 2007

Requirements for Online Training  

(1)Head Phone with Mic

(2) Computer

(3)Internet Connection

(4) Make Mailing Address on


Make Mailing address on (recommended)

(5) Download & install yahoo messenger


Download & install Skype messenger (recommended)

(6) Add me on your account

At my address

At my address (recommended)


(7) Download & Install Team Viewer

(8) Install Required Software on which you are to get training.

Suppose, you want to get training on Peachtree you should install Peachtree before getting training.

(Peachtree, QuickBooks & Tally softwares are easily available in market in a CD of RS.25)



Process to Get Free Online Training
(1)   Call me on my cell number(92-302-7320175) to get time for training(6:00 PM to 11:00 PM)
(2)   After deciding time, Contact me by (recommended)
Contact me by (

(3)   Open Team Viewer, Note its user name & password

(4)   Training will be started Inshallah


If you are new user, all above process is difficult for you, no problem!

Call me on my cell number (92-302-7320175) during (6:00 PM to 11:00 PM) & I will setup all above settings.


Course of Financial Accounting

  1. Importance of Financial Accounting In Business
  2. Types of Vouchers
  3. Types of Invoices
  4. Maintain Chart of Account
  5. Maintain Ledgers
  6. Maintain Financial Statements
  7. Maintain Financial Analysis
  8. Cash Handling
  9. Inventory Handling
  10. Price Setting
  11. Costing
  12. Purchase Process
  13. Sale Process
  14. Transaction Effects
  15. Bank Reconciliation
  16. Financial Accounting Procedure in Practical Life


Course of Networking

(1)   Importance of Networking in Business

(2)   Networking Requirements

(3)   How to make Networking Connection

(4)   Sharing

(5)   CCproxy

(6)   Remote Administrator

(7)   Bandwidth Manager

(8)   Team Viewer

Course of Web Designing

(1)   What is Domain & Web Hosting

(2)   How to get Domain & Web Hosting

(3)   WordPress

(4)   Dreamweaver

(5)   Bitnami

(6)   Estweb

Course of English Grammar

(1)   Tenses

(2)   Uses

(3)   Active & Passive

(4)   Direct & Indirect

Course of Ms Office 2007

(1)   Ms Word

(2)   Ms Excel

(3)   Ms Power Point


If you learn any one or more above mentioned Course, you will get Certificates from me in free which are helpful in your Practical Life.

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    • Dear Imran
      You have not need to training about bio gas plant.please just visit two or three bio gas plants you will learn all rocket science & also stduy bio gas articles from different sites.if any query regarding bio gas please donot hesitate to contact me but after 8:00 PM all days because i am job holder.

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